9 awesome websites for board games lovers

Sifting through the hoards of board gaming sites can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. Depending on your game preference (do you like immersive? role-playing? strategy? family-friendly? trivia? word games?) and the types of tips and topics you’re seeking out, you’ll want to find the right sight for your interests.

Here, we break down 9 of our favorite board game websites and what they’re known for:

1. Board Game Geek
Probably the most comprehensive board game website out there with a massive searchable database of games, along with descriptions and reviews. Registered users on the site also have access to tons of lists, discussions, chats, and “geeky” extras. There’s also a pretty active marketplace on the site as well. A great resource for “serious” board gamers.

2. Board Game Links
Another monster of a site, Board Game Links features a lot of personal reviews, news, and articles, as well as a running list of active Kickstarter projects for people who are curious about what’s coming up or being worked on. They also have their own (long) list of great board game websites worth checking out.

3. Reddit’s Board Game page
If you’re in to board games, likely you’ve been to this site. And with good reason too. There is a community of over 435,000 board game fans on this page, anything and everything board game related is a topic for discussion here.

4. Boardgaming.com
We like this site because not only does it have fan favorites (reviews, tips, discussions), but even the site itself can be played as a game. Visitors can choose an avatar, complete tasks or “quests”, and earn rewards. How very “meta!”

5. The Esoteric Order of Gamers
The site itself makes clear, they’re not for the casual board game lover but more for serious hobbyists and fans of thematic games. Fans of Monopoly or Scrabble are persona non grata here.

6. Board Games for Me
Excellent, very user-friendly site for anyone wanting suggestions about new games to play. It will help you find the right games for you by filtering results through things like the type of games you like, length of game play-time, number of players, ages of players, etc. Nice resource to use when you’re getting ready for a game night with friends and looking for new suggestions.

7. Board Game Arena
Can’t wait until game night to play your favorite board game? No worries. Play directly online, even on your smart phone, at Board Game Arena. It’s free to join, and you can instantly challenge other opponents to play popular board games that have been adapted for online use. Just don’t let your boss catch you playing at work. Which, of course, we know you would never do…

8. Board Games Trade and Sell
This is a closed Facebook group that describes itself as “the ultimate Facebook destination to trade and sell board games.” The nice thing about this group is they keep out the riff raff; all sales are internal, with no links allowed to outside sales sites. The group has over 4,000 members, too, so it’s a fairly active community.

9. Dice Tower
Dice Tower is especially well known for their videos and podcast content on all baord-game related topics. Their videos (there are hundreds on the site) often feature great interviews, and the topics covered are wide ranging and appeal to all levels of interest and skill. This is a site you could get lost in for days…

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