Game night tip: How to play Latice with more than 4 players

As fans already know, Latice is a strategy game designed for 2-4 players. For Latice newbies, here’s a little re-fresher on how the game works:

But, what if you’re hosting game night or playing with a larger group and still want to play? It’s easy! Here’s a little helpful tip on how to adapt Latice for larger groups of up to 8 people (or even more) without having to create teams:

First, you’ll need two Latice playing boards, then just lay them side by side. Divide the two sets of tiles equally among all of the players, with the first two moves going to the center squares on each board. Players can play out from that and use both boards as one large playing space.

Of course, you can always use one board and just group the players into teams of two, but this way each person will get to play on their own, so it’s probably more fun for a group or a game night.

Another tip for doubling up your Latice boards: using two boards also works to your advantage even if you have a smaller number of players (the usual 2 or 4 people) but are interested in playing a longer, potentially more complex game.


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